"Bakal Bag sa Roas City"

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"...Pinoy na Pinoy..."
All new Native Bags!

Price: Php. 1,680

Price: Php. 1,850

Price: Php. 1,980

Price: Php. 1,680

Price: Php. 1,690

"Bakal Bag sa Roxas City"

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Kenzington Blue Bags
Price: Php. 11,989

Prada Leather Bag
Price: Pphp. 12,980

Chanel Blue Python Bag 
Price: Php. 10,900

Chanel Leather Blue Bag
Price: Php.10,987

"Bakal Bag sa Roxas City"

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 Check this out!
The newest bags offer by Lhydz Bags Collection, all new green bags for all…  

 Louis Vuitton Handbag
Price; Php.10,987

Chanel Flap Bag
Price: Php. 10,765

Chloe Apple Green Bag
Price: Php. 10,950

Hermes Constance Green Bag
Price: Php. 11,200

...purple bags...

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"Lhydz Bags Collection now offer Purple Bags for girls who love the beauty of purple."
chanel 2.55 quilted flap bag
Price: Php. 3,950

fiorelli purple waikiki pouch
Price: Php. 3,500
marjacobs bag
Price: Php. 3,900

viola bag
Price: Php. 3,800

''yellow bags''

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Create, make and share looks based on your own favorite style and fashion!
Visit "Lhydz Bags Collection" and try our all new Yellow Bags

micheal kors bold yellow tote bag
Price: Php. 2,970

yellow hand/shoulder bag
Price: Php. 2800

lacoste yellow bag
Price: Php. 1,650

shine yellow handbag
Price: php. 1,987

...Kikay Bags...

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Girls are very fashionable. 
Here are some bags for all Kikay Girls! 
Lhydz Bags Collection now offers “Kikay Bags” 
 for affordable price ever..!
“..Bakal Bag sa Roxas City..”

"Crystal Kikay Bags"
 These bag is made of crystal beads..
Price: Php. 500

“Metallic Pink Bag”
 Price: Php. 459

"Frame‑Bag Peacock Feather"
Beaded Evening Bag. Frame Bag: Peacock Feather.
Price: Php. 650

...lhydz pink handbags....

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Looking for pretty pink handbags?
Check out all of the different styles of handbags that "Lhydz Bags Collection" offers.
"Bakal Bag sa Roxas City"

rio snakeskin embossed satchel
Price: Php.2,680

juicy couture handbag
Price: Php.2,480

ysl muse pink satin handbag
Price: Php.2,540